Monday, February 16, 2015

A Building Block for Economic Prosperity

The Silver Creek Campus

"Learning is a key to prosperity in all dimensions of life.  
Therefore, creating and growing a culture of lifelong learning is an 
essential element to achieving enduring prosperity."


How can we maintain the NPC Silver Creek Campus as currently constituted to benefit not only our local residents, but residents of the entire White Mountain Region?


The make-up of any community is vital to its prosperity, including rural communities, like Snowflake & Taylor.  Whether in a formal or informal setting, one key institution that contributes to that prosperity is education or facilitating lifelong learning.  The NPC Silver Campus currently provides our community a platform to acquire formal, programmed learning leading to certifications and degrees requisite for entry into desired careers.  In addition to providing those programs and current services to our community, the campus could become a hub of self-directed learning for the entire White Mountain Region, with little or no additional funding.

An Entrepreneurial Learning Community

The purpose of this post is to propose the benefit of maintaining the Silver Creek Campus and current staff to facilitate self-directed, just-in-time learning; learning initiated and directed by individuals to help them resolve pressing challenges and take advantage of opportunities to prosper.  In particular, build and grow a culture of entrepreneurship and economic prosperity for our community, and moreover, the White Mountain Region.

In a previous post ( it was suggested the compelling benefit of the NPC Silver Creek Campus Library is to be found in it's possibilities.  That observation not only applies to the Library, but to the entire Campus.  It can become an economic driver by serving residents of our region as a resource for developing and growing an entrepreneurial mindset and culture; an accelerator for innovative business models that create and deliver products and services that address the pressing needs of individuals worldwide.

Facilitating self-directed learning projects would add a dimension to learning that can apply to a number of disciplines and answer the learning needs of residents throughout our region.  For example, a creative focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) learning.  

Such projects could be initiated by anyone in the region and the Library could serve as a clearinghouse for directing individuals to resources and projects they could learn from and contribute to.  Even projects on what self-directed learning is, how to learn and apply the skills involved, and why it is so important to prosperity now and in the future in the world of education and work.  

A core of volunteer, learning mentors and coaches could be assembled, eliminating the need for additional paid staff while multiplying the learning resources and capacity of the college.  NPC could become a leader and model for providing meaningful lifelong, self-directed learning for residents of rural communities throughout the nation.

Moreover, high school students could be introduced to the process of self-directed lifelong learning to compliment their formal, programmed learning.  It could serve as a key portal for them to post high school education.

Self-Directed Learning Internships

Learning Internships could be offered to high school & college students to boost available work in our region through entrepreneurial projects; good-paying internships offering the opportunity to learn while introducing them to the world of work.


1) Developing the campus as a center for entrepreneurship & lifelong, self-directed learning would jumpstart a sustainable economic recovery for prosperity in our community and throughout the White Mountain Region (including a funding source for the college).

2) It would be a resource in our region to facilitate lifelong learning that addresses the pressing needs and wants of our residents, and

3) Allow NPC to become a leader and model of providing meaningful lifelong, self-directed learning throughout the nation in rural communities.

What Do You Think?

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