Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Economic Opportunity for Our Community... (Part One)
An Introduction

"Our most significant opportunities will be found in times of greatest difficulty."
-Thomas S. Monson, President LDS Church

Communities nationwide are searching for opportunities to grow and strengthen their local economies.  Efforts to position themselves in a favorable light to attract businesses that create high-paying work for residents and increase the tax base for municipalities to fund basic services and desirable amenities are just a few of the accompanying advantages.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Such efforts can be fruitful and are worth the pursuit.  Incoming businesses and ideas that promote innovation and entrepreneurship strengthen the economic engine of any community.  Whether in rural or metropolitan settings, innovation & entrepreneurship increase the capacity of local residents to create and deliver continuous, compelling value to markets outside their region (the lifeblood of economic prosperity).  

Moreover, companies and ideas that harmonize with core community values (principled values that shape the character and culture of community life) strengthen the overall desirability (education, healthcare, shopping, recreation, etc.) of community living.

These positive influences enhance residents' capacity to "act" instead of "being acted upon" in all matters relating to individual and community prosperity.

Creating Compelling Value

This capacity links directly to the talents and abilities of local residents as they network with others inside and outside their region. It is through applying this value creating capacity that local economies are strengthened and revenues generated to fund services and amenities which contribute to desirable communities.

As local residents focus on identifying and applying their strengths to develop and master economically valuable skills, they gain greater confidence in their ability to prosper in any economic climate and make meaningful contributions important to them and the communities in which they live.

Part Two... The Opportunity

In Part Two, I outline one such opportunity.  An entrepreneurial opportunity to create and deliver ongoing value to markets outside our region; one that empowers our local residents to act rather than being acted upon.  An opportunity consistent with community values that develops local talent.  One that can create rewarding, high-paying work for a number of local residents in virtually any industry and strengthen our local economy now and in the coming years...

What Do You Think...?

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