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The Silver Creek Recreation Complex (SCRC)...

"If you build it, they will come..."
-Field of Dreams, The Movie

(The following is an outline for discussion about the benefits, funding and building of a Silver Creek Recreation Complex "SCRC" in our community.)

How Can A Silver Creek Recreation Complex (SCRC) create more prosperity for our community now and in the coming years?

Quality Family Life

One of the most compelling advantages families consider when choosing a community to call home is the amenities and benefits it offers.  High on their list are well-planned recreation facilities and programs; facilities and programs that offer a variety of activities for growing families and promote prosperity in family life.

The SCRC would provide residents with a state-of-the-art facility to provide a number recreational activities as well as family and community oriented activities.

The following are some of the features and services recreation centers throughout the country have included in their facilities:

Indoor Water Park - Indoor Running & Walking Tracks
Indoor Playground - Weight & Exercise Gym
Indoor Tennis & Basketball Courts - FlowRider Surf Machine
Simulated Golf - Birthday Party Rooms - Instructional Kitchen, etc.

Swimming Lessons/Teams - Personal Training
Child Sitting - Cooking Classes - Crafts Classes
Fitness Classes, etc.

In designing the facilities of The SCRC, variety would be a guiding principle.  This would insure the recreation needs of the majority of community residents would be met.  Services could be added or discontinued according to need.

Economic Impact

Although the investment of funding to build, operate, and maintain the facility and its services would be significant, the return to community residents in terms of quality of life would be greatly enhanced.

Furthermore, the economic benefits to the community would be compelling.  The following are just a few of the ways our local economy could benefit:

Attract non-residents to visit our community
(From around the state as well as Residents of the White Mountain Region)

Enhance our "community value proposition"
(For current and prospective residents)

Enhance our "community value proposition"
(For current and prospective businesses)

It would be a key element in creating and bringing better jobs/careers not only to our community, but the entire White Mountain Region.  Thereby promoting greater economic opportunity and prosperity for families.

Complement Our Commitment To Strengthen Families

Strengthening families has been a cultural constant since our Silver Creek Community was settled in the late 1800's.  A key element of that cultural heritage is wholesome family recreation.  For many of those raised here coming back has always meant "coming home".  Families are the basic unit of society and their well-being is essential to the well-being of our community.

The SCRC would complement this cultural heritage and help strengthen families currently living in our community and families desiring to make it their home in the future.

It would definitely have a positive influence not only in our community but on families throughout the White Mountain Region.  It would contribute to our efforts to provide well-rounded learning/education experiences and help individuals realize their inherent potential.

Funding, Operation & Maintenance

Most projects of this nature are funded by debt financing such as issuing municipal bonds.  The SCRC could be funded using a different, more affordable, innovative model.  There would be no debt financing; it would be pay-as-you-go.

To bring the recreation complex to fruition, Partnering Technologies*, a local learning & development company, is prepared to partner with local residents who are willing to work as Referral Partners (RP's) and/or Online Partnering Interns (OPI's) in their Strategic Partnering Program.

*(The focus of our company is helping rural communities across the country and throughout the world build and maintain prosperous, thriving local economies through the systematic application of innovation principles and methodologies).

RP's will find and refer candidates to enroll as OPI's in The Strategic Partnering Program.  Successful candidates will be individuals who pursue learning and applying new skills/ideas with a passion; innovation skills and ideas that are in high-demand and highly-paid by organizations worldwide.  

Although most OPI candidates referred to the program will live outside our community, a significant number of local residents may be found who want to build rewarding, high-paying, innovative careers. As OPI's they will find the opportunity to do so in a variety of industries that complement their interests, strengths and abilities.

These positions (RP's and OPI's) are well-paid and will significantly impact our local economy in a positive way.  

In addition, Partnering Technologies will contribute liberally to the funding, operation and maintenance of the complex and other projects that strengthen and enhance our "community value proposition".  (A percentage of company revenues equal to the earnings of local RP's for their work in the The Strategic Partnering Program will be dedicated to these projects on an ongoing basis).

The goal for funding and building this project is 18 to 36 months.  Although ambitious, this project is one of Partnering Technologies' top priorities in paying-it-forward to the community.  

This project will greatly add to the compelling amenities our Silver Creek Community offers residents, businesses, and visitors.  Furthermore, it will attract others who can strengthen and enhance our community in a variety of ways in the years to come...

"If you build it...they will come!"

"Your Prosperity is Our Priority"

What Do You Think...?

As always, your constructive comments are encouraged and welcomed.


The Silver Creek Economy blog is sponsored by Partnering Technologies, an Arizona-based Learning & Development Company.  Their focus is helping rural communities across the country and throughout the world build and maintain prosperous, thriving local economies through the systematic application of innovation principles and methodologies.  Its founder is Jim Sanderson. Contact him at

Visit their website at and find out how their Strategic Partnering Program can help you build a more prosperous career now and in the coming years.

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