Thursday, September 15, 2016

Economic Challenges Facing Our Community:
A Definition & Response

As mentioned in the previous post, three overarching economic challenges face our community and most rural communities across America:

1 - a shortage of resilient, rewarding careers;
2 - a shortage of growing, diversified tax revenues; and
3 - a shortage of funding for desired community amenities.

This post and the next two will zoom in with more detail to define each of these challenges and mention a viable response to each.

Defining Resilient, Rewarding Careers

Resilient, rewarding careers are not just another job.  They are the result of forethought, action and diligence.  They require individuals to learn & contribute in meaningful ways that create compelling value in the marketplace.  Moreover, they demand our best.

For our purposes, resilient careers are those that weather the ups & downs of a rapidly changing economy over time; at the local, regional and global levels.  Such careers are highly responsive to trends in the economy yet agile and adapt quickly to unexpected shocks that shake the traditional concepts of how it works.

Although the way individuals choose to manage their money largely determines their level of financial success, high-paying careers help them satisfy the increasing demands placed on their financial resources.  These careers generate annual incomes of $100,000+.

In addition, they help individuals develop their talents and strengths to make meaningful contributions not only in their local communities, but if they choose, on a global scale.  Whether their interests are in education, healthcare, or any other industry; resilient, rewarding careers offer a path to do so.

BMI (Business Model Innovation)

Although BMI is not the career path for all residents, it provides a way to jumpstart a rural economy. In addition, it generates a number of good paying jobs and profitable businesses for other residents.  Resilient, rewarding careers in BMI provide opportunities for rural economies to prosper and grow, now & in the future.

BMI diversifies the economic base of local communities.  It is a discipline that applies to all industries and sectors of the economy.  With a dozen or more industries represented in a rural community through BMI, its economic base is fortified against a collapse of jobs, commerce and

Furthermore, BMI offers the youth of rural communities promising careers in a number of industries and gives them a compelling economic reason to stay in the community or return to the home town to raise their families.  It provides the youth of rural communities a promising future; economic and otherwise.


Creating resilient, rewarding careers in Rural America is vital to their well-being.  BMI provides a practical way to create those needed careers.

In response to this challenge, Partnering Technologies, through its Strategic Partnering Program, offers comprehensive training in the discipline BMI and high-paying work to individuals enrolled in the program.  To explore the career opportunities in BMI with Partnering Technologies email


The Silver Creek Economy blog is sponsored by Partnering Technologies, an Arizona-based Learning & Development Company.  Their focus is helping rural communities across America and throughout the world build and maintain prosperous, thriving local economies through the systematic application of innovation principles and methodologies.  Its founder is Jim Sanderson. Contact him at madison85937@yahoo.

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