Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Funding Desired Community Amenities
A Viable, Debt-Free Alternative

The Challenge

Financing worthwhile amenities is a major challenge for most rural communities across America.  Traditional “go to” approaches, for the most part, have relied on public and private grants and the ever daunting challenge of voter approval of bond issues.  While grants offer a source of funding that doesn’t require debt, a significant number are based on matching funds and often not adequate to completely fund larger projects.  Floating a bond to cover the cost of desired community amenities requires voter approval and even when approved usually leave a number of voters paying for amenities they did not support.  

So, what are some alternatives?

Viable Solutions

The key to successfully funding desired community amenities is to have recurring revenue streams to fund new projects while maintaining existing amenities.  Business Model Innovation (BMI) offers viable solutions to answer these and other challenges

Partnering Technologies, an Arizona based Learning and Development Company, offers rural communities a way to acquire debt-free funding for desired community amenities.  Through BMI they provide substantial funding via their Strategic Partnering Program.

For a community of our size this could mean as much as $9+ million annually.  Through this funding mechanism a number of desired community projects could be brought to fruition over the next few years. Such projects as completing the remodeling of the Stake Academy Building as a public library, building a community swim center and other desired projects in the Taylor/Snowflake Area.


This post and the previous two have suggested some viable ways in which rural communities across America can grow and prosper their local economies.

Partnering Technologies provides three compelling advantages to communities in Rural America:  one, they create resilient, rewarding careers for local residents; two, they grow and diversify local tax revenues; and three, they fund desired community amenities.

In response for the need to fund desired community amenities in Rural America, Partnering Technologies offers comprehensive training in the discipline BMI in virtually all industries and sectors of the economy.  To explore the rewarding career opportunities available in BMI with Partnering Technologies email madison85937@yahoo.com.


The Silver Creek Economy blog is sponsored by Partnering Technologies, an Arizona-based Learning & Development Company.  Their focus is helping rural communities across America and throughout the world build and maintain prosperous, thriving local economies through the systematic application of innovation principles and methodologies.  Its founder is Jim Sanderson. Contact him at madison85937@yahoo.

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